Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my NEXT trip : beautiful Beach Sulamadaha ...

 Sulamadaha beach in Ternate, North Maluku Province. From Jakarta boarding majors Ternate, usually transit in Makassar or Manado. Arriving at the airport Sultan Babullah, Ternate, ride public transportation or taxis to downtown.
 From the central city of Ternate to the beach Sulamadaha about 1 hour. Another beach in Ternate, among others Dorpedo Beach, Kastela, Tabanga, and Beach Bubane Ici. The beach is located in the Village Dorpedo Aftador, 19 km south of Ternate city center. The beach is great choppy sea. Kastela Beach, 10 km south of Ternate.
 On this beach we can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Tabanga a white sandy beach, located in Tabam Village, 12 km south of Ternate. Ici Bubane Beach in Village Aftador 19 km south of Ternate. Can be reached by public transport. The beach is crystal clear sea with panoramic beach and beautiful garden.
 Besides beaches, Ternate also has three lakes, namely Lake Ngade, Tolire Tolire Small and Large Lakes. Lake Ngade located 10 km south of Ternate, can travel by public transport for 20 minutes from downtown. The lake is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery such as cliffs and water plants. In this tranquil lake water, we can perform various activities, like riding a canoe while fishing boat and her jetski.
Tolire small and large lakes located separately, but both are in the Village Takome. Tolire small lake located near the beach. The water is brackish, because the distance is close to the sea about 50 meters. When we visited the Lake Tolire large, certainly past the Lake Tolire small. While Lake Tolire large or called Tolire Jaha on the slopes of Mount Gamalama, at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. Water Lake Tolire big green colored during the summer and brown in the rain.

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