Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my NEXT trip : beautiful King Island Beach

King Island Beach

Near Sawai, villages in the area north coast of Seram Island there is an island called Pulau Raja. Most of the houses built on the sea inhabitants, this village is a fishing village. In the coastal village of Seram Island Sawai is a potential major tourist destination in the Moluccas. 
 King Island Beach is very beautiful and natural. To the south of the village which borders the region Manusela National Park, where there is a diversity of flora and fauna. East of the village there is a river, where local residents can process daily making sago. Various species of birds, butterflies, forest orchids can be seen easily.
Along the river Salaway, you can watch crocodiles, deer and wild boar. In the national park area is spread natural caves in some places.Some institutions such as the Operation Raleigh expedition done in this area. The ideal spot for diving and fishing are a few small islands in the north Sawai. Both islands can be reached by renting a motor boat from Sawai for 30 minutes. Both the island and Pulau Raja Sawai an island inhabited by animals bats.

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