Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2NE1 is the # 1

“2NE1 is really one girl band to watch out for—even if you can’t understand a damn thing in Korean.

Composed of CL, Bom, Dara (Sandara Park, yes), and Minzy, their music is a unique mix of pop, hip-hop, and a bit of reggae—definitely something anyone would love to dance to! More than their music, the production of their music videos; their creative concert performances; and most importantly, their out-of-this-world fashion sense really make them stand out from other singing groups. It’s also remarkable how veeery different each of them is from the rest (think Spice Girls). The group is led by the powerful and foxy CL together with the crazy and boyish Minzy, the uber-cute and comedic Dara, and the seductive doe-eyed Bom.”

Leader CL, the coolest girl and the best rapper.
Best vocalist, Park Bom with God’s voice (nickname given by GD)
My favourite among the favourite, Sandara Park aka Dara. Prettiest, cutest, funniest
Best dancer and the youngest, Minzy

Re blogged from tumblr. TOTALLY AGREE!

2NE1 is just so AWESOME!

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