Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lena Park - More Than Anyone In The World

Without permission, i fall in love with you
but that person doesn't now i am this way
such a fool for not knowing

I love u more than anyone in the world
those heartful words
the tears pooled up ini my eyes is my love
these tears are you

This love that has started without your permission
i love you
even tought it hurts, i want to keep going on
i want to go till the end even it is endless

If my hurt runs my love will run with it
even tought i can't see that person now
my love is still running

I love you more than anyone in the world
but you don't know yet
these tears that slid down to my lips are so hot
these tears are me

Even if my heart that contains only you may explode
i want to go till the end
i still want to do it even if it endless
i love you

lirik lagu kat atas tu ditujukan kepada orang
yang telah berjaya menawan hati ini
entah dia mengerti hati ini cuma dia

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