Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trusting your boyfriend after he cheated

You saw the cheating signs but wouldn't believe it at first. Your boyfriend cheating on you and you have decided to forgive him because you value your relationship so much. You are willing to accept how sorry he is but you are worried that you won't be able to trust him again after all that cheating and lying

The good news is that most relationships that survive after someone cheated result in being stronger. Here is some advice on how to get back on track and learn to trust your boyfriend again.

Move on

You need to move on and concentrate on making things work. Yes your boyfriend has a lot of making up to do but allow him to. Try not to sulk at his efforts as this won't get you anywhere.

He loves you

You know he truly loves only you so remind yourself of this constantly, especially when he holds your hand or puts his arm around you. If he is away at work or college, don't ring and text him every 5 minutes to see what he is doing you know that he is sorry and probably just getting on with his day s don't allow your imagination to run wild.

Don't worry

If he is late to meet you or come home leave those phones allot. Leave it up to him to say that he is on his way or he will never get a chance to prove himself to you.

If he goes out with his friends don't give him a deadline time to be back and make sure you do something that you enjoy whilst he is out. That way you won't start worrying about him cheating again.

Make sure you give your boyfriend his space and don't turn him into a slave, he is still a human being and this would only be very childish.

Forgive and forget

And the most important thing is to stop referring to his cheating and never mention the other girl. Remember that you have forgiven your boyfriend because you know he deeply regrets his actions so just be patient and go a day at a time. You relationship is worth saving and you were strong enough to make that decision and your boyfriend will always remember that.

If you see her

The biggy is, if you know the girl and you see her out when you are with your boyfriend, don't panic this can be dealt with, just tell yourself that you are the one that your boyfriend wants to be with and try and feel sorry for her as she is the rejected one as he chose you.

Stay positive

Stay positive and talk about the good things that have happened in the past. Talk about your future and after a few months you will probably be even happier than you were before.

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