Thursday, April 12, 2012

dunia hati - How To Forget Someone You Love?

I can't forget about him his stuck in my mind how he talks his wonderful smile and his looks how can i forget about him.You need to be sure that by letting your partner go, you are doing the right thing. You both need to take some time to talk about feelings, and decide what the best thing to do is. You need to ensure that there is complete communication. You need to talk about the relationship and see how your partner responds. Keep calm and don’t make the focus of the conversation accusatory. Don’t play the blame game, express your opinion.Also, don’t let the conversation linger without getting to a point. Make sure you remain confident and direct in your approach by keeping your explanations and wishes concise. You should also give examples of your cause. You need to express how you have been affected by particular situations, and what emotions you have felt. Tell your partner what hurt you, and what upsets you. This helps pin point the precise issues that are problematic within the relationship. After communication, there is release. You need to make things final by setting new rules. You should make your breakup an even break up by no longer seeing each other, and allow yourself to heal properly. Don’t accept phone calls, emails or texts if your ex wants to check on you. This only creates confusion.Move on in your life, next, by making your new and available schedule with projects and activities with other people. Go places with your friends and family and catch up with things on your to do list that you may have put off prior to the break up. When you feel like you’re ready, get back out and meet new people who may be ‘more suitable’.

You should keep a distance from your ex for at least a few months, and maybe even a year, before you try and maintain a friendship. You need to have the person out of your system before trying to befriend them.I really think the best think someone can do is forgive him for all that thing he did to you and things he said .. Cuz you have to live the present of every new day and keep the memories as a special gift that would never come back to you .. If he chose not to stay with you or forgive you for whatever thing u have done .. Then he didnt love you enough to deserve you.. In others you guys weren't meant to be together ...In case he or she comes back talk straight up to each other and if you guys are wiling to change the past for a good for one the go ahead and do it right.. Dont get played or play with each other feeling BUT if he/she dont come back then dont worry hun he might b the only one today but you'll find some body better than him tomorrow .YOU are SPECIAL.. And YOU should Love YOURSELF First than anyone .

As every one suggested, time heals every untold pain in life. Love should end with marriage not with breakup until otherwise our wishes. Everything is happing for best. My best advise to everyone, dont expect happiness from others and dont stay where you fallen, just move forward without looking back. When time comes, even if you forcefully try to cry for the past miseries, we cannot. Then why should waste our present moments. It always presented by god for us, so dont waste you happiness.... Smile.... Smile.... Make true your wish by yourself.... If the people doesnt know your value then no need to stay there better smile and move.... Be happy always.... Life is full of wonders

I loved someone so so much, so truly, he meant so much to me. Whenever i use to see him my heart use to feel so happy, even a text from him would make me smile. I would do anything just to be with him and i know for a fact that no one else would love him more than me. Even he knows this...he said he loved me too and i meant everything to him, but now i think about it, it was all rubbish...he was a wimp who worries to much about what people think... To be honest i'm glad he's gone cus now i have better things in life and now i don't care about him, he doesnt mean anything. When i think of all his bad points i think good day it will hit him hard and i know for a fact he'l realise the value of my love...Hope every drop of tears that came out because of him hurts him in his heart.

Its very hard to forget someone you once loved with all your heart. I love this guy but he did not appreciate my love and he did not respect the my love for him. God has helped me a lot. Everyone who is going through the pain, just pray to God, he will lead the way and let Him be in control of the situation. He never fails, remember his love endures forever, he will never leave you nor forsake you. So why crying knowing that the is someone with unconditional love? You will find someone who will love and respect you.

I've lost a love of my life. I've been with her for 6 years...we practically grew up together. We have 1 lovely child together... Within 6 months she left me and now with someone else. I've tried to forget about her. What i realize is the more i try to forget someone the more i think about that person.... Telling yourself to forget the person you love is like telling yourself not to fall in love. Perhaps its not about forgetting the one you love.Maybe its about loving her enough to finally let her go and see her being happy. Its true and its hard to see your love is happy with someone else other than yourself. Truth is you only want to be with her to make her happy.... So why does it matter if she is happy with you or not??I believe what make breaking up so painful is the sudden changes....Someone that use to be by your side is no longer by your side, Someone that you can joke around with is no longer there, the dream you once share is now your own.... Its sucks , but that all part of growing up....You might not be able to spend the rest of your life with her, but be glad that you did spend part of your life with her.I've ran into this site that give good advice to help us move on, hopefully this would help :)

I don't know if sometimes nurturing memories about you & him/her is the best thing to do. I feel it leaves a door to remain opened for that person. Something like 'setting yourself up' to be hurt again...especially if you the one recipient of the heartbreak. I would say...time is the only thing that can heal all wounds. One'll feel in your heart you can finally move on without feeling regret or that you'll be 'losing' someone that once was very special to you. I can say this only because I loved someone very, very much and suffered alot to forget him. He was able to move on with another person about a year ago despite he said he loved me more than this whole world. :P I don't know...this is my opinion and experience I been going through. Each situation is different. Sometimes it's easier to forget...sometimes it's a struggle. But I'll say'll feel it in your heart you can let go. I don't think you'll ever forget but you will overcome.

I feel a little bit calm as i knew that i am not the only one who experienced this horrible feeling of breaking up with someone. I admit that i was tortured after the break up and he seems to be my worse nightmare. But, if we really have the determination to forget someone, then we really can do it. Remember, forget the past and live the present. It is better to think how to improve yourselves so that you can be more success in the future than keep on mourning of your bad luck with him.. Your ex lover is not the only thing that can make you happy. When you success in the future, then you deserve to have a better lover and live happily ever after. Life with no regret unless you start to give up. Ok!

I'm in the same situation after 8 years in a relationship I decide to give up but I still love him and then I realize how could I love someone who doesn't love me as much that I love him is not fair to be so emotinal about him ladies we in the same boat either you black or white we are facing the same thing remenber one thing you got to love your self first for someone else to love you I'm not gonna drain myself out Jehovah will provide the good one for me I don't have to worry anymore he can go to some body else who can handle more problem than me

Hi friends, i had a relation for 5 years. For 5 years we had no problems. After the 5 th year she got placed in mnc. At that time i had papers to clear. We didnt have time to speak and i got over possessiveness. I became mad at her. And i shouted at her since i also going through toughest situation of my life. Both side had problems and we ended up in broken relation. The problem was with me and i said sorry and i never cheated her..She got fed up with me since i was really tensed and mad with her. I started taking sleeping pills to forget her. Even each day i think of her. The point is what the difference btw acceptance and adjustment? She knew that i was short tempered. If she really loved me she would accept me rather than adjusting. If she accept the fact iam short tempered problm would have been solved. All relation ship need acceptance and adjustments.I never cheated her. But loved her. I even blackmail her to get back her. Thats the problm. During that time i didnt even know how to handle the situation so it broke up. Even if anyone is angry dnt breakup or leave . To him you may be the world.

I was with a guy for a year, he was so into me at first, and i couldnt take it. After time, i realised how much i loved him. We broke up once, and he came to me, and my family and told us he'd never ever hurt me again,and that he loved me more than anything.After that we slowly started arguing more during ttime before exams, and it got so stressful. Then out of the blue, he ended it. Just before my really important exams. I felt i lost a best friend, my boyfriend and part of my family. He told me he didnt love me, and that i was a waste of a year. 3 weeks after now, he still can reduce me to tears. I was in love with the guy who loved me. He is now a different person, and it kills me that he doesnt love me back. I would of done anything for him, and every day i miss him. But he is a changed person. And he isnt the person i loved. Hopefully one day he will realise the hurt he has put me through. But no matter how much that person has hurt you, and no matter how many people tell you that it will get easier, it doesnt help the fact you feel like your whole world has crumbled. You have to be strong, and belive you deserve better than what that person did to you. Real love will never just go away. I guess i have learnt to be more doubtfull of what people say now, cos looking back, i dont know what was lies and what wasnt.

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acky95 said...

No matter what we think or do, first luv will never be forgotten til we die or having dimentia/alzamhier... the best thing is to remember the good time that u have with him... cheerish it well and pray that it will replace the anger/hate that you have towards him... hope this help... sorry if this too much... its been 4 yrs... i still miss someone that i luv even it just 2 months... luv someone means you are human being... to be luv and being luv that are part of life... much hug.... from zackwiusa