Thursday, April 12, 2012

dunia hati - Recovering From a Broken Heart - Build Inner Strength and Win Your Ex Back

There may not be a quick fix for recovering from a broken heart, but there are definitely ways to speed up the process. Unfortunately, most people make this process much longer and more painful than necessary. The fact is that you have a lot more personal power to change your situation than you realize. And that includes the power to win back your ex if that's what you truly desire.You've probably heard the expression "whatever you resist, persists." This is especially true when trying to recover from a broken heart. The more you fight your painful feelings the stronger they will become and the more they will "persist."

The key to feeling better right now is to have a sense of acceptance for your situation right now rather than constantly fighting it. This can give you some immediate peace and relief once you are able to do this.

If getting back together with your ex is what you want, then make sure you're not "fighting" to get back together. The more you "try" to get them back, the more they will resist you. This is totally normal human behavior. If your ex senses that you're chasing them, then their natural reaction will be to take you for granted and pull away from you... the exact opposite of what you're trying to accomplish.

You're probably feeling very anxious to get back together and these anxious feelings can cause you to start acting desperate. Make sure you don't do this. Your ex knows you very well and can sense the slightest bit of desperation on your part. If you're constantly pushing to get back together but don't seem to be making any progress, this is a sign that you need to totally back off for a while.

This means no more contact for at least a few weeks. Take a break and work on improving your life and build up your independence and inner strength. This break will give your ex time to miss you plus they will no longer feel pressured from you to get back together. This is a strong first step towards recovering from a broken heart and sets the stage for a successful reunion.

Can you win your ex back? Yes... but only if you avoid the common mistakes almost EVERYONE makes. Read more free tips on recovering from a broken heart and EXACTLY what to do and say to get your ex back in your arms (there's also a video you can watch on how to do this successfully.)

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