Sunday, March 3, 2013

i still love you...almost a years we break up...

i knw if i love him, i should let him be happy and respect his decision. but he hates me now. he doesnt even want to be friends. he totally deleted me from everything. and yes, i knw i screwed up. he doesn't trust me anymore. but i can't move on. i don't deserve a second chance, but i just love him so much. I didn't appreciate him till he was gone. And I am so lost and the pain is just unbearable.

i guess the only answer is give up. but i can't just switch off myself from loving him. i guess i'll just hope for the best. it just hurts to know he's gone forever. i hate myself right now.

The most unselfish healing thing you can do is this:
Say sorry without ANY need to get back with him. Just say you are so sorry that you hurt him. You are so sorry that you broke trust with him and that you know that there ARE girls who don't lie and don't treat people like crap and that you sincerely wish him well and hope he meets one of those girls.

The very same thing happened to me.. And until now i still miss him so much.. But i know only time can heal the pain.. Moving on and meet new and find someone else.. If we feel alone and lonely..thats the time we miss them the keep yourself busy..the more youll try to push him to get back to you..the more youll push him away.. You gotta show him what he'll miss.. And maybe by that time that he'll finally realize how much he misses you..youve alredy moved on and found someone else thatd never give up on you..and thats wat real love is.. So never contact him first..he'll contact you if he realy wants..but right now give him him what youre worth by being happy without him.. YOU dont deserve to be given up just like that..

Tell him you are sorry and start out as friends let him build back those romantic feelings for you because you have to earn back his love and trust. Instead of jumping back into a relationship start out slow and let him fall for you that way he will ask you out if and when he is ready and this time it will work out for the two of you on both sides.

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