Saturday, June 11, 2011

Man Killed Wife Over Facebook Profile

When Wayne Forrester saw that his wife Emma changed her Facebook profile to "single" just days after he moved out after a fight, he got so angry that he stabbed her to death!

The day before the murder, he called her parents and complained about his wife’s Facebook entry which he said "made her look like a fool", the court heard.

In a statement to police Forrester said: "Emma and I had just split up. She forced me out. She then posted messages on an internet website telling everyone she had left me and was looking to meet other men.

"I loved Emma and felt totally devastated and humiliated about what she had done to me."

In a victim impact statement, Mrs Forrester’s sister Liza Rothery said the murder had had a "devastating" impact on her and parents Frances and Robert. Miss Rothery added: "What on earth could Emma have done to result in such a brutal, callous attack on a defenseless woman?"

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