Saturday, June 11, 2011

Real but Strange Words -Light Thunder

Here is a list of Real, but Strange words. :)

Melcryptovestimentaphiliac= Some who steals womens underwear.

Gore= The heel of a sock.

Suriphobe= Some one afraid of mice.

Erythrophobe= Some one who bluses easily.

Lubberwort= Junkfood.

Anemophobic= Some afriad of high winds.

Ergasiophobe= Some one afraid of work.

Gnomon= The thing that casts a shadow on a sun dial.

Rouleau= Roll of coins wrapped in paper.

Anobium Pertinax= Bookworm.

Smack= Group of Jellyfish.

odynophobia= Fear of pain.

Cerumen= Earwax.

Arithmomaniac= Some one who counts things compulsively.

Minonette= Vollyball.

Humuhumunukunukuapuaa= Hawaii's state fish.

Algologist= Some one who studies seaweed.

Genitofemoral Neuropahthy= Word for "Your Jeans are too tight."

Misomaniac= Some one who hates everything.

Dinomaniac= Some one who has the urge to dance.

Gozzard= Some one who owns geese.

Pyromanic= Some one obsessed with fire.

I thought you all should know some new vocabulary :)

Light Thunder

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