Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top 10 Car Accident Reasons

Many people expire or get seriously injured due to car collisions every year. Following are the top 10 reasons.

Here are the top 10 Car Accident Reasons in detailed lists on

1. Badly Made Roads

Few roads are incorrectly built, rough and uneven or much worn out. In some countries, the streets are almost full of hollow spaces and in the absence of lights on the road at night, an accident is inevitable.

2. Careless and Fast Driving

Youngsters or teenagers have tendency to ignore traffic rules. They drive at full speed through the streets and neglect the red lights. They do not comprehend that traffic lights are erected for a motive and when they briskly pass a red light, they are at a risk to strike against a tree or some other vehicle.
3. Experimentation
Children are always anxious and while they are still to grow up they think driving as to fulfill their significant emotion. Bringing out a car without permission of parents and not knowing the hard and fast things about it, any wrong move or reversing in full speed may cause hazardous situation.

4. Lack of Focus

Some drivers feel that nothing will happen in that one minute but they are easily confused when they try to do another work. It is advisable to avoid searching something in a bag and pocket or using lipstick etc. while driving.

5. Drugs or Substances

Drugs like cocaine; LSD and marijuana produce illusions and make different appearance of everything. So, driving under their influence may cause to feel a thing not in proper place and it can be a reason of any mishap.

6. Alcohol

Every body knows that Alcohol has the ability to blur the vision and attention. Hence, to be drunk while driving is the main cause of accidents all over the world.

7. External Distractions

Most drivers find traffic accidents very curious and when they find a damaged car or injured driver on the road, they can’t avoid gazing as they drive.

8. Eating

To be careful when eating and driving simultaneously is actually not a positive thing, as some people try not to drop any crumbs on their dress. It diverts their attention and can be a cause of an accident.

9. The Radio or CD player

Driving a vehicle is always more pleasurable when good music is available to listen. It is advised to make sure that you install your favorite CD before you start the car. Changing the radio station or putting in another CD while driving may cause to strike against some other object.

10. Cell Phones

Talking or messaging on mobile phone while driving is certainly the most unwise thing. By use of wire leads or blue tooth it does not ameliorate the condition. Conversation on the other end is not so important as compared to a risk of an accident..

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