Saturday, June 11, 2011

What The Names of The Days Really Mean

Sunday: is the Lord’s day for Christians, yet it is named for the sun, it is a day that stands for the sun.

Monday: is named for the moon. The pronunciation is similar to Moon-day.

Tuesday: is not named for the number. It is named for the Germanic war god Tiu, Tiu is also the name of one of the king of ancient Egypt, he was a pharaoh in lower Egypt.

Wednesday: is named after a Germanic God, this time the god of the sky, Woden. Woden was also referred as Odin The Wanderer in some English parts of the world.

Thursday: – It was named for the Scandanavian god of thunder, Thor. Thor was the most famous of the Norse gods, stories of him were told around Europe.

Friday: is the day of the week named for a woman. Her name was Frigga and she was the consort of Odin.

Saturday: This one is named after the Roman god, Saturn. It is the only day of the week in the English language that retained its Roman character.

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